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Company Profile
October 1946:Founded as Hori Denki Seisakusho at 1-36 Andou-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka
March 1961:Renamed Taisei Denki Kougyou KK; incorporated as a kabushiki kaisha
May 1965:Relocated to 1-11-23 Higashi-Kohashi, Higashinari-ku, Osaka
April 1973:Design and manufacturing of automatic control boards started
February 1979:Maintenance of cargo handling machines started at Osaka Minami Harbor
July 1979:Maintenance of Kintetsu automatic ticket vending machines started
November 1984:Maintenance of commuter's ticket vending machines started in Tokyo
December 1984:Tokyo Branch opened
April 1985:Maintenance of hand-held on-board ticketing machines started
October 1987:Separated from Taisei Denki Kougyou KK as an independent company
April 1990:Design of station service equipment started
April 1991:Maintenance of station service equipment for JR started
October 1992:Headquarters relocated to 1-8-2 Tamatsu, Higashinari-ku, Osaka
February 1994:First air cleaner developed
April 1994:Subsidiary company Taisei Techno Services Co., Ltd. established
August 1994:Kyushu Branch opened
May 1997:First roll filter developed
February 1998:First ozone-based deodorizer developed
October 1999:Fences/doors on platform installed for Mita Subway Line in Tokyo
April 2000:Fare adjustment machines installed in East Japan Railway stations
July 2000:ISO9001: 2000 certified
December 2000:Maintenance of machines for financial institutions such as ATM
December 2000:Nagoya Branch opened
April 2002:Development of the air damper
May 2002:Design and manufacture of the destination display unit for Chiba monorail
October 2002:Development of the rail lubricator
June 2003:Development of the panel heater for the space for wheel chairs
October 2003:Design and manufacture of the air curtain for train doors in cold district
March 2004:Development of the audio guiding device for physically handicapped people
February 2005:Development of the door information display unit for physically handicapped people
April 2007:Development of 200W wind turbine
June 2009:Development of Comfort sensor for superior first class cabin of new E5 Tohoku Sinkansen model
July 2010:Fences/doors on platform Installed for JR Yamanote line
July 2010:The agreement signed with Montana State University Billings for the joint development of wind turbine
January 2011:Development of 10KW wind turbine
April 2011: Open Billings Branch in MT USA
April 2013:Development of hot water toilet seat for power supply
June 2013: Development of plasma ozone deodorization machine
July 2013:Development of attendant call display machine
November 2013: Development of automatic cleaning type roll filters
July 2014:Development of cyclone dust collector
July 2014: The development of the wind turbine for the school frashers
April 2015:Development of law level sensor
June 2015: It was installed 5.5KW wind turbine on the roof of the Nagoya post office
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