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Computers and Industry equipments
Taisei's technology safeguards your valuable business operation

Taisei not only manufactures a variety of electric and electronics equipment that is integral part of our life, but also ensures safe and smooth operation of transportation and other industrial systems composed of such equipment. In this respect, Taisei plays the key role of the security guard in today's industry and society. For example, we provide comprehensive support for computer systems such as CAD systems and integrated file systems, ranging from instruction and training through pre-maintenance and periodical maintenance to repair, system design, and backup of operation. In addition, we develop and manufacture a variety of control boards that serve as the brain of industrial equipment such as air cleaners and incinerators. Furthermore, we develop and manufacture an array of test equipment used in factories such as the loaded motor tester for testing motors under loaded conditions and the dumper tester for measuring the dumping performance of the shock absorber.

Design of Control Boards

Taisei designs various control boards for industry use.

Design of Electronics Equipment

Taisei designs a variety of electronics boards for industry use such as the control board for air cleaners.

Software Design

Taisei provides system design for systems built around various CPUs as well as software design in various programming languages.

Manufacture of Control Boards for Industry Use

Taisei manufactures control boards for incinerators and air cleaners, and also provides cabling and wiring services associated with such equipment.

Testers for Industrial Use

Taisei designs and manufactures a variety of testers used in manufacturing factories, as well as the operation simulator for a train vehicle factory.

Services on Computers

Taisei provides comprehensive support and services for industry-use computer systems such as CAD systems and integrated file systems, ranging from instruction and training through installation and periodical maintenance to on-call maintenance.

Installation and Maintenance of Fences Platform

One of the recent trends in the railway industry is no-conductor operation of the train, which makes it necessary to install fences and doors on the platform to ensure safety. Taisei installs and maintains such fences and doors, the prime example being those used in stations on the Mita Line of the Tokyo Metropolitan.

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