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Trains: Transporting people out of the past and into the future.

Faster… Safer… more Comfortable… more Beautiful… trains capture our imagination. This fascination has guided Taisei since its inception in its dedication to the design, manufacture, and maintenance of a wide range of systems and components for railway vehicles. Taisei’s expertise can be found in systems ranging from core electric units, crucial to safe operation, to passenger comfort systems, such as air cleaners and ozone-based deodorizers, which bring comfort to passengers during long rush hour commutes. Combining extensive experience from the past with fresh ideas for the future, Taisei’s contributions to the development of new high-tech trains will provide a safer, more comfortable ride for the passengers of today as well as the passengers of tomorrow.

Development of Comfortable Indoor Environments for Passenger Cars

To maximize the comfort of train rides by removing unpleasant odors, allergens, and tobacco smoke, Taisei manufactures a variety of comfort systems such as air cleaners, ozone-based deodorizers, roll filters, and heaters using a circulating fan.

Design and Manufacture of Under-floor Equipment

Currently developed for electrical manufacturers and Japan Railway, Taisei designs and manufactures a variety of core electric equipment crucial to safe operation to be installed under the floor of passenger cars.

Services on Train Vehicles

Taisei is ready and able to dispatch engineers around the clock in order to satisfy your maintenance, repair, and upgrade needs.

Other Services

Taisei offers a wide range of equipment to keep your facility operating smoothly, such as simulators for training operators, testing devices for measuring the performance of shock absorbers, loaded motor testing devices for testing motors under loaded conditions, filter cleaners which automatically clean the filters in the air cleaner, testing devices for testing the relays installed underneath the floor, and the vehicle main switch on/off indicator which, during the maintenance of the passenger car in the maintenance yard, sends radio signals from the car indicating whether the main switch is on or off.

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