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Behind Smooth and Efficient Station Operation

More Intelligent… more Convenient… more Comfortable… more Environmentally Friendly. Needs are constantly changing at railway stations, and this is one of the fields where Taisei’s technology and services are indispensable. Currently we are producing a variety of equipment for the smooth and efficient operation of railway stations, while at the same time we are vigorously conducting R&D to further expand our reach in their intelligent operation in the future. With regard to our customers’ maintenance needs, we offer a comprehensive daily care program focusing on preventive maintenance as well as a 24-hour on-call service arrangement. This covers a wide range of station systems, including automatic ticket gates, automatic ticket vending machines, and data loggers. With our outstanding lineup of products and services, Taisei currently supports the efficient operation of hundreds of railway stations in the greater Osaka and Tokyo metropolitan areas.

Electronic Equipment Design

Taisei designs and manufactures a wide array of equipment deployed in railway stations, including LED-based full-color destination display boards, ride certificate issuance machines for unmanned stations, and central control boards for automatic ticket gates.

Station Services at Japan Railway (JR)

In cooperation with West Japan Railway Techsia, Taisei provides periodic scheduled maintenance, on-call maintenance, and upgrade services for equipment installed in stations in the Kinki area of West Japan Railway Company, which includes the metropolitan areas of greater Kyoto and Osaka.

Services on Commuter and IC Ticket Vending Machines

Taisei provides periodic scheduled maintenance, on-call maintenance, and upgrade services for commuter ticket vending machines installed in multiple locations in the greater Tokyo and Yokohama areas, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Transit Authority, Transportation Bureau of the City of Yokohama, and the Tokyo Monorail.

Station Service Equipment Quality Assurance

Taisei assembles, tests, fine-tunes, and provides quality assurance on station service equipment on the premises of JR East.

Onboard Ticketing Machines Check and Maintenance

Taisei provides 24-hour monitoring, maintenance, and repair services for handheld ticket machines used by conductors for fare adjustments while onboard the train.

Ticket Vending Machine and Automatic Ticket Gate Installation
and Operating Conditions Testing

Taisei provides comprehensive support for ticket vending machines and automatic ticket gates, including installation and initial testing under operating conditions.

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