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Prohibition of Unlawful Access

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Other Prohibited Conduct

Following conducts are also strictly prohibited in using this web site.
・ Infringing the rights of privacy and/or trade secret of Taisei and/or others
・ Causing (and/or may cause) any disadvantage and/or damage to Taisei and/or others
・ Disturbing (and/or may disturb) public order and morals
・ Criminal act or an act to be potentially develop criminal act
・ Using Taisei web site for any commercial purpose or preparation of commercial activity
・ Damaging, disgracing or libeling Taisei and/or others
・ Uploading files that contain (may contain) viruses corrupted files
・ Any other conducts that Taisei deems in appropriate

Link to this website

Anyone wishing to have link to this web site should contact Taisei Techno Co., Ltd ( in advance for our review. In case of such link, our name (Taisei Techno Co., Ltd) or our product name (Taisei Wind Turbine 'Vertical Axis Type') would be required to use.
Third party web site (other than Taisei web site) linked to or from the Taisei web site are independently operated and maintained by such third parties and are not under control and/ or supervision of Taisei.
Taisei shall not be responsible for any loss, expense or damage, whatever caused in connection with the use of any linked site and your access of the kinked sites shall be at your own risk.

Governing laws

This web site would be accessible from worldwide but the use of this web site is governed by the interpretation of applicable Japanese law.
Anyone who would file court case for controversy or claim concerning the "Terms of Use" of this web site should file to the District Court of Osaka, Japan

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If you are under the environment other than recommended one, our web site may also not be accessible or properly indicated.

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