The Origin of a name

Taisei Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Although the vertical axis wind turbine has a lot of advantage, it has not been very popular because starting wind velocity is relatively higher than horizontal axis wind turbines (Propeller Type), resulting in low efficiency in lower wind speed. Therefore, propeller type has been recognized as the main stream of wind turbine for many years.

The New Taisei vertical axis wind turbine (TVAWT), however, start to rotates with relatively lower wind velocity than propeller type of the same class and creates higher torque. It’s said that if one would attach the blade of TVAWT to an airplane as the main wing, you can fly!

TVAWT has a huge potential for various applications and very competitive compared to propeller type. The blade of the TVAWT has come out of my long research and experience as it was designed based on the same technology of airplane wings. It is patent in Japan, USA, China, Taiwan, Korea, EU and Canada. (including patent pending) My dream is to see that this Japanese technology will be widely utilized for wind turbines which contributes to conserve the environment of our earth.


●Rotate in low wind speed
●Rotate quietly
●Environmental friendly design
●Blade design is the same as an airplane wing

Patennt : No.3996945 in Japan
USA; No.7084523  Canada; No.2479165
EU; No.03797713.9  Australia; No.2007347567


Tsuneo Noguchi (1945-2012)
Inventor of technology, Doctor of Engineering
Technical Adviser to Taisei

I have been dedicated to aeronautics and aircraft design for 28 years in a university as a faculty member. Also as a researcher and a qualified pilot, I have contributed to new aircraft development, wind tunnel experiments and test flights.

Based on my research and experience, I will proceed R&D further to create idealistic wind turbine which starts rotation in lower wind and keeps higher efficiency to higher wind without air noise.

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