Due to its large generating capacity, this unit can be used as a grid-connection type for factories, corporations, and various other large organizations. This unit can also be used as an independent power supply where there is insufficient power available in the surrounding area. A typical example would be use as a power source for a cell tower in a mountainous area.

Installation example

TVAWT at Montana State University, Billings, USA


System configuration

Wind Turbine Structure 4-poles
Blade Length 9.0m
Blade Rotation Diameter 6.0m
Number of Blades 3
Blade width 1300mm
Blade Material Anti Rusting Aluminum
Weight 1500kg
Total Height with Pole 13m
Generator Specification PMSG
Rated Output (at 12 m/s wind velocity) 10kW
System Function Minimum Rotating Wind Velocity 2.0m/sec
Kick-in (minimum productive) Wind Velocity 2.8m/sec
Survival Wind Velocity 40m/sec
Start Torque 1.0kg
Voltage AC 100V or 200V
Battery 12V100Ah×50
Grid Connection Yes in USA
System Independent
Solar Panel Option
Co-Operation with Utility * Option
Typical Application Agricultural
The specification is subject to change without notice.
* This is the device to switch to utility power when the wind turbine output is not enough.

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