System configuration

Model 200W400W 1KW 5.5KW 10KW
Wind Turbine Structure monopole 4-poles
Blade Length 1.6m 2.5m 3.0m 4.2m 9.0m
Blade Rotation Diameter 1.3m 1.5m 2.0m 6.0m
Number of Blades 4 5 3
Blade width 300mm 360mm 1300mm
Blade Material Anti Rusting Aluminum
Weight 20kg 35kg 60kg 620kg 1500kg
Total Height with Pole 7m 5m 13m
Generator Specification PMSG
Rated Output (at 12 m/s wind velocity) 200W 400W 1kW 5.5kW 10kW
System Function Minimum Rotating Wind Velocity 1.4m/sec 1.6m/sec 1.8m/sec 2.0m/sec
Kick-in (minimum productive) Wind Velocity 2.8m/sec
Survival Wind Velocity 60m/sec 40m/sec
Start Torque 700g 900g 1.0kg
Voltage DC output AC 100V or 200V
Battery 12V35Ah×3 12V60Ah×3 12V60Ah×10 12V100Ah×20 12V100Ah×50
Grid Connection No Yes in USA
System Independent Independent
Solar Panel 70W×2 125W×2 Option
Co-Operation with Utility * Option
Typical Application LED night light Parking sign (full, Available) Cell tower Building Rooftop Agricultural
The specification is subject to change without notice.
* This is the device to switch to utility power when the wind turbine output is not enough.

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