From CEO

“Prompt action with sincerity and wisdom”

Taisei techno's philosophy is to contribute to the expansion of railways and other social infrastructure under the corporate policy of "Prompt action with sincerity and wisdom."
In order to materialize this philosophy, we have worked on development, manufacture and maintenance of various railway-related products since our foundation in 1946.

Taisei Techno will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2046. Being a "centennial company" in the quarter century, we have set our vision as "To be First Class." What "First Class" means?
We believe that it is "a company capable of accomplishing a task which no one else can do "and also" a company with people capable of completing a difficult task with pride as a professional." Based on these values, we continue to make efforts to expand our main railway-related business and, at the same time, challenge wind turbine development as a new business arena.

Going forward, we will continue to endeavor in refining our technology without limiting ourselves to our specialized fields and will continue to make efforts in manufacturing from the customer's perspective, We should try to be a company that is consulted by other party that faces difficulty.
We will commit ourselves to strengthen business relation with other companies and contribute to further industry development.

Tomohiko Shibagaki CEO