Utilize limited time by construction management and teamwork.

Platform door installation requires the efficiency to complete the site safely within the limited time from the last train a day to the first train next day. We continue to pursue high precision construction management to gain higher efficiency of work day by day.

For example, by preparing optimally pre-machined parts for each site, we could reduce the construction man-hours on the day. In addition, by establishing a detailed construction plan in accordance with a preliminary site survey, we have secured a stable component loading path as well as the appropriate staffing in order to keep the work done on the day without delay.
Since many people are involved in the construction site, we always take it very important to have excellent teamwork with good call out.

Engineers take pride in thorough safety management.

To ensure thorough safety work, we hold a risk prediction training once a month in-house based on case studies. In the training seminar prior to entering the construction site, we particularly inform the points that require special attention at each site.

At the construction site, everyone must gather and hold a meeting every day before starting the work to confirm and share the specific point for avoiding the potential risk of Today's work. We convey work instructions and share safety precautions with all the staff including subcontractors who carry out construction at site. In addition, we would keep safety by making sure to respond to what the other party has said. When conducting supervision, we try to give appropriate caution by grasping the situation a little behind the construction staff.

Share the joy of challenge and the joy of growth.

We give high priority to human resource development in the field which we believe is our important task. We respect individual autonomy in the course of On the Job Training (OJT). It is also important to let them consider by themselves instead of being taught too much in detail.
We observe young engineer's performance from behind to assess its job speed and finish. Then, we try to give advice if necessary, as part of a normal business conversation.
What we are looking for is more natural OJT than before as part of normal business process.

We head to the construction site every day, aiming to create environment at site where we can share the fun of challenge and the joy of growth.


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