Roll Filter

Advanced Technology, Superior Performance, Lightweight, Long-lasting.

Our roll filter, air purifier, hot air heater, damper device, By using an integrated product that combines a deodorizing device, You can totally adjust the indoor environment.

  • Function

    The Roll Filter is mounted on the air conditioning system’s air intake to remove large dust particles, like fluffy dust, in order to prevent contamination of the system’s heat exchanger. At the same time, the unit filters and deodorizes the air as it passes through the unit, creating a cleaner, fresher indoor environment.

  • Features

    • Filter cleaning/change is only necessary approximately every 6 months.
      Auto cleaning function can be implemented as a option (Filter change is not necessary)
    • The powerful effect of the 3 Agent Bio-Filter (containing Activated Carbon, Deodorizer, and Japanese Cypress Thiol) continues for 6 months or longer.
    • Aluminum Body is both durable and lightweight.
    • Filter is composed of flame-resistant polyester (ISO 14001 compliant).
    • User-friendly design (example: the cartridge detaches with the single touch of a button, allowing the unit’s operational status to be observed with minimal effort).
    • Eco-friendly filters are washable and reusable.
  • Performance

    • At a set time interval (every 10 hours – 24 hours), the filter automatically rolls up 55mm at a time.
    • An LED lamp will notify the user just prior to the point when the filter is completely rolled up and in need of cleaning/change.
  • Types

    The roll filter can be optionally equipped with (auto cleaning function), an air cleaner, an ozone deodorizing device or a bio-filter.
    *The photo shows the Roll Filter equipped with an air cleaner.

Recommended multi unctional system.

・Roll Filter
 (Improves the performance of the air conditioning system.)
・Air Cleaner
 (Removes dust and other contaminants.)
・Air Damper
 (Supports the effective operation of ther air conditioning system.)
・Ozone Deodorizing Device
 (Eliminates bacteria and odors.)
・Warm Air Heater
 (Adds additional heating capability to the air conditioning system.)

Particle size Particle diameter(um) Model Dust category
Large Over 100 Roll Filter Fluffy dust
Small 1~100 Roll Filter + Air Cleaner Dust, Pollen
Fine 0.01~1 Air Cleaner Moulds, Smoke, Oil Mist, Bacteria

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