Air Damper

An uninterrupted flow of fresh air inside your train.

Our roll filter, air purifier, hot air heater, damper device, By using an integrated product that combines a deodorizing device, You can totally adjust the indoor environment.

  • Function

    Opens and closes a fan duct, an exhaust air duct and a ventilation duct based upon electric signals sent from the vehicle, supporting the efficient operation of the air conditioning system.

  • Applications

    • Eliminate the feeling of stuffiness by providing efficient ventilation through fresh air intake in combination with a CO2 detector.
    • Prevent variation of air pressure while passing through tunnels.
    • Provide exhaust ventilation in case of vehicle fire.
    • Adjust air conditioning to create a more comfortable environment.
  • Feature

    • By ventilation based on CO2 detection, improves cooling and heating efficiency, and at the same time, eliminates the feeling of stuffiness in enclosed spaces.
  • Performance

    • Opening/closing speed: approximately every 10 seconds.
    • Power supply: AC 100 − 240V or DC 100V.

Recommended multi unctional system.

・Roll Filter
 (Improves the performance of the air conditioning system.)
・Air Cleaner
 (Removes dust and other contaminants.)
・Air Damper
 (Supports the effective operation of ther air conditioning system.)
・Ozone Deodorizing Device
 (Eliminates bacteria and odors.)
・Warm Air Heater
 (Adds additional heating capability to the air conditioning system.)

Particle size Particle diameter(um) Model Dust category
Large Over 100 Roll Filter Fluffy dust
Small 1~100 Roll Filter + Air Cleaner Dust, Pollen
Fine 0.01~1 Air Cleaner Moulds, Smoke, Oil Mist, Bacteria

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