Pioneering the future with technology and sincerity.

Taisei Techno is proud of the numerous achievements in offering attractive proposals to customers based on R&D and is well known as a company capable of handling small lot projects at low cost with quick delivery.
"Manufacturing from the customer's perspective is the result of close collaboration between R&D, manufacturing and sales, and we produce highly evaluated products such as the roll filter for air conditioner of passenger cabin which we proud of top share in Japan.
Our products produced in such background are highly recognized both at home and abroad.

And now, we go further.

We have set a new long-term vision as being the “100-year company” in 2046 as well as setting the new corporate slogan as "Challenge New Frontier" for the base of action guideline.
We will commit ourselves to provide creative products further with sincerity and technology by strengthening of our management base and active R&D investment.

What product do I wish to have if I use it?

Taisei engineers continue to ask themselves, "What product do I wish to have if I should use it?" This is a important process to materialize value added products by accurately understanding customer's need. Engineers with diverse value are indispensable for realizing products in line with customer's perceptive.
Based on this concept, we organize active utilization of human resources across divisions. For example, knowledge gained in maintenance project helps to improve strength and maintainability of our products. In new business arena, we could see that the cross divisional team involving manufacturing and maintenance department has made a difference.
Going forward, we will challenge to strengthen our R&D further by refining human resources who can manage multiple development projects and by securing global human resources who can meet the needs of customers around the world.

You can stop at any time.
The decision to continue is difficult.

Taisei techno develops novel products which are the result of combination of technologies with a proven track record and high-tech technologies represented by high-speed bullet train.
We have continuously challenged now business arena other than railways and we were successful in developing the wind turbine generator in 2009.
It was a moment when our know-how of the safety and stability we braced in the railway field have gotten result.
In some cases, new development does not immediately lead to commercial products, but we are persistent to continue in most cases.
This is because we know these seeds obtained from development process could be the valuable intellectual property.
Seeds are accumulated day by day by respecting autonomy of engineers who are willing to challenge the fields of interest.
These accumulated seeds become the basis for the latest product development.
We are proud of each product we created in this way.

What we can do now to make tomorrow brighter.

There are many local train lines that serve as social infrastructure in Japan. On the other hand, market size is small on these local lines and one of key issues is how to save capital investment cost in vehicles and station equipment. To resolve this issue, Taisei Techno has made every effort in offering various low cost/low quantity products by leveraging its know-how. We determine the functions that customers really need while removing excess functions to thoroughly identify necessary functions. We continue to support everyone's life by developing products that are just right.
If it is for the benefit of our customers, we should make best efforts to challenge until we find solution by trying everything we can. That is the philosophy of Taisei Techno. We will commit ourselves to pursuit further technological innovation by embracing R&D environment where we are allowed to challenge repeatedly without fear of failure.


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