Oct 1946 Founded as Hori Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. at 1-36, Andoji-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka City, and started manufacturing pars for streetcars of the Osaka City Transportation Bureau.
Mar 1961 Company name changed to Daisei Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Apr 1961 Received an order for vehicle parts from the Japan National Railways Kansai Regional Materials Department
May 1965 Received an order for vehicle parts from the Japan National Railways Kansai Regional Materials Department
Jun 1965 Received an order for inspection and repair of vehicle parts
Apr 1973 Design and manufacture of automatic control panel
Feb 1979 Maintenance of Gulf handling machinery at Nanko, Osaka
Jul 1979 Kintetsu ticket vending machine maintenance
Nov 1984 Opened Tokyo branch office and maintained commuter pass issuing machines
Apr 1985 CAD (automatic drafting machine) maintenance
Apr 1985 Maintenance of Kintetsu replenishment ticket issuing machine
Oct 1987 Established Taisei Techno Co., Ltd.
Apr 1990 Station service equipment design
Oct 1990 Toss file maintenance
Apr 1991 JR West ticket vending machine maintenance
Oct 1992 Moved to 1-2-8 Tamazu, Higashinari-ku, Osaka
Feb 1994 Development of air purifier
Aug 1994 Opened Kyushu Sales Office
May 1997 Development of roll filter device
Feb 1998 Development of ozone deodorizer
Apr 1998 Maintenance of postal sorting machines
Oct 1999 Toei Mita Line platform door installation work
Dec 1999 Development of damper test equipment
Apr 2000 JR East Japan payment machine installation work
Jun 2000 Moved Tokyo branch to Oimachi
Jul 2000 Obtained ISO9001: 1994 certification for quality management system
Dec 2000 Maintenance of financial equipment such as ATM
Dec 2000 Nagoya branch opened
Apr 2002 Development of exhaust damper device
May 2002 Chiba Monorail Design and manufacture of destination indicators
Oct 2002 Development of rail oiling device
Jun 2003 Development of panel heater for wheelchair space
Oct 2003 Design and manufacture of air curtains for train entrances and exits for cold regions
Mar 2004 Development of voice guidance device
Feb 2005 Development of door opening / closing guide display
Apr 2007 200W wind power generator development
Jun 2009 Development of comfort sensor
Jul 2010 Yamanote line platform door installation work
Jul 2010 Signed joint research with Montana State University
Jan 2011 10KW wind power generator development
Apr 2011 Opened a branch in Billings, USA
Apr 2013 Development of power supply for hot water toilet seat
Jun 2013 Development of plasma ion deodorizer
Jul 2013 Development of attendant call indicator
Nov 2013 Development of fully automatic cleaning type roll filter
Jul 2014 Development of cyclone type dust collector
Aug 2014 Development of a wind turbine generator for crossing signals for elementary school students
Apr 2015 Development of slope sensor
Jun 2015 Installation of rooftop wind turbine generator in Nagoya Post