Engineers with wide range of skills and expertise

We provide maintenance services that supports safe and stable railway operation.
We also work on extending the maintenance cycle by utilizing IoT, big data and AI.
For further growth, we will strengthen our ability to organize overseas projects by actively securing global human resources.
Needless to say, we firmly believe that human resources are the basic foundation in supporting every business site.
We commit ourselves to continue pioneering the business horizon of maintenance with cut-in technology and accumulated knowhow.

Business Details

  • Platform (Truck) door

    For the safety of passengers in platform at stations, platform door is getting popular. We organize installation project of platform door and its regular inspection after installation.
    The installation is performed by us with safety and high efficiency within the limited time from the last train of a day to the first train of next day.

  • Station service equipment

    For comfortability of passengers, we perform regular inspections, trouble shooting, repair and adjustment of station service equipment such as automatic ticket gates, ticket vending machines, adjustment machines, etc.

  • Station equipment monitoring system

    For the safe and stable railway operation, we operate monitoring system of various station units including platform equipments and elevators in the metropolitan area at 24/7 throughout a year. In the event of a failure, we provide telephone support remotely.
    We also provide repair/replace service for defective equipment by dispatching field engineers at site if necessary.

  • Taking care of railway vehicle

    We provide total service for railway vehicle such as vehicle disconnection, underfloor cleaning, inspection of electrical equipment in passenger cabin and crew room, dielectric strength test and vehicle connection.

  • Electronic money maintenance service

    The electronic money card originated as ticket/periodical pass and is now widely used in various shops for payment.
    Furthermore, it can be used as money stored in mobile devices. We started to support the system as one of our station maintenance service and, as it evolves to electronic money widely used, our service has expanded into new arena.

  • In-car ticket equipment maintenance service

    We provide maintenance service at 24/7 throughout a year for in car ticket issuing machines which conductor possesses for selling transit tickets in train.

  • Railway vehicle parts

    Engineers with multi-skills provide on-site repairs and maintenance service for various products of almost all makes.


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