Taisei Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Turn the breeze into electricity
Taisei's vertical axis wind turbine generator「Airfoil」

We are determined ourselves to contribute to environmental protection to earth by offering distributed wind turbine which turn breeze into electric power.
Our wind turbine “Airfoil” has various of advantages over propeller type one.

What is the difference between a vertical axis wind turbine and a propeller type?

  • Vertical axis type proposed by Taisei

  • Conventional propeller type


The feature is that it rotates regardless of the wind direction compared to the conventional horizontal axis type (propeller type) device.

  • 1. Spins regardless of wind direction(No need to face wind direction)

  • 2. Starts to spin with breeze to generate power(Patented unique blade makes it happens)

  • 3. Spins quietly(No wind noise, no mechanical noise)

  • 4. Easy maintenance(No helical gear, less moving parts)

  • 5. Minimal visual impact(Relatively low profile)

  • 6. Fewer bird strikes(Well visible from flying birds)

Unique patented blade makes it possible

Patennt : No.3996945 in Japan, USA; No.7084523
Canada; No.2479165, EU; No.03797713.9
Australia; No.2007347567


Dr. Noguchi was dedicated to aircraft design and aeroautics for decades in a university, as a member of the faculty, and also as a researcher and a qualified pilot.
He contributed to new aircraft development, wind tunnel experiment and test flight.
Research and development continues to create an idealistic wind turbine that starts rotation in lower wind and keeps higher efficiency to higher wind without air noise.

Dr. Tsuneo Noguchi

Tsuneo Noguchi
Inventor of technology, Doctor of Engineering and Technical Adviser to Taisei


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