Seeds accumulated behind prompt development.

Behind development of the roll filter device was our belief that we should challenge to create products with truly necessary elements from the customer's perspective. Therefore, we have pursued not only low cost but also durability. As a result, the maintenance cost has been greatly reduced for customers because the filter replacement is necessary once a year only while it used to be required in every 1-2 weeks.

After that, in response to customer requests, we have developed a multifunctional roll filter that implements air purifier and a deodorizing device. It was achieved quickly by utilizing the accumulated seeds and know-how of air purifiers and deodorizers. It was a turning point for us to gain much bigger market share in Japan.

Our philosophy : ”Ultimate manufacturing means human resource development.”

Sometimes, development is said to be like a dark, long tunnel where exit is not easily visible.
During the development of roll filters, our young engineers faced various technical challenges. In such a situation, there was an episode that well experienced engineers took initiative by showing their know-how in order to help young engineers how to find solutions.

The true leader taking initiative must continue to refine its engineering capability to hand down the know-how. We place human resource development as the foundation of ultimate manufacturing and continue to challenge various development every day.

This development project became a story that entrusted technology for the future.

With various improvements, the roll filter device has grown to a long-selling product that boasts of the top share in Japan.
By showing the development process to engineers of next generation, we try to share the importance of clear concept in any development.
We also try to provide better development environment to challenge new long-seller products following the roll filter.

We have been good at upbringing engineers who are highly specialized for each product group because we have dealt with wide variety of products.
For further growth, we will further cultivate the true reader who can command the development with cross-sectional knowledge.


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