People's desire could be the driving force of project progress.

The lift force generated by a new wind turbine is determined by the shape of the blade cross section. The slight difference in blade shape greatly affects the power generation performance. Also, because the natural wind is not very constant, it was anticipated that there should be a difference between the simulated value and the actual result. Therefore, we decided to perform verification test over several prototype blades with different shape little by little to find out an efficient blade cross section.

If it is a mass-produced product, we should manufacture a mold to press metal material, but the prototype for verification must be made one by one by hand using press machine. We had a hard time in creating accurate curve of blade section as shown in the drawing, but we were successful in making elaborate prototypes with collaboration of our partner companies.

Proof test across the sea by manufacturing with inch/feet unit.

Once the prototype was completed, it was installed and tested in various locations with different weather conditions. During several years of verification test conducted in cooperation with Montana State University, USA, we were able to obtain valuable data such as the effect of blade shape over power generation efficiency and the site conditions suitable for power generation. These accumulated know-hows have been utilized for reviewing the blade cross-section design and developing control software that optimizes the power generation at each rotation speed.

At the site in Montana, we explained the work procedure in English to the local staff and talked to them about the size of the parts in inches. Thus, we were able to gain valuable experience for developing the US market in the future.

To any places like mountains, islands, ranches, we approach the needs peculiar to the area.

Taisei Techno's wind turbine can be a stand-alone system independent from power grid and we expect various application such as mobile relay stations in the mountains area, natural observation facilities at off shore and islands. etc. In addition, because overseas there are many laurel places where the power grid is not readily available, we expect wide range of demand such as suburban traffic lights, ranch water pumps, etc.

It has been 10 years since we came to the United States. We will strive to expand the market by offering suitable proposals fit to the specific need of each area in the world. We will continue to refine our products by thoroughly implementing our basic philosophy "manufacturing to match the customer's perspective” which we have cultivated in the railway industry.


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