Meeting customers' need with high technology and accumulated experience is the driving force of our innovation.

Taisei Techno has a high reputation of manufacturing the roll filters, which we boast of the top market share in Japan,
as well as the unit cabs, which can be seen as the key component of railway vehicles.
Our goal is to create products that are comfortable to use for everyone, regardless of age or gender.
We will continue to strive for novel manufacturing by accurately grasping the needs from customer's perspective
and promptly propose products with additional value based on the corporate culture of “Let's share the fun of challenging”.

Business Detail

  • Passenger cabin environmental equipment

    We are proud of manufacturing well known products in the industry that provide clean and comfortable air in passenger cabin such as roll filter of air conditioning, air purifier, air heater and deodorizer. We also manufacture products with sensor that optimizes operation, improves product life and provides higher maintenance efficiency.

  • Underfloor electrical equipment / Indoor switchboard

    We design and manufacture distribution boards, relay boards, circuit breaker boards, etc. that should match the standard unique to railway vehicles.
    These are the important devices that support the safety and stable operation of railway vehicles.

  • Unit cab

    We manufacture unit cab implemented in the cockpit.
    Since the unit has complicated structure, high quality control is required in all processes such as welding, painting, assembly, wiring and inspection.

  • Railway facility equipment

    We manufacture test device for oil damper that measures the damping force of shock absorber and also manufacture no-load test device for electric motor.
    In addition, Taisei Techno's technology is well utilized in a wide range of fields, such as the automatic filter cleaner for air purifiers and the tester for relays in underfloor equipment.

  • Electronics design

    We design and manufacture various equipment for train station such as full-color LED train destination indicator at platform, issuing machine of boarding certificate at unmanned stations, main control panel of automatic ticket gate etc.

  • Station equipment remodeling

    We offer remodeling of station service equipment, test adjustment after assembly, inspection of finished products, etc. at our factory.

  • Industrial test equipment

    We design and manufacture various types of testing devices such as precision measuring machine and load testing machine that are required for manufacturing various products. We also offer train driving simulator.


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