Audio Guiding Device

Escorting passengers by voice instruction.

For the visually impaired, the sensor detects the direction you are coming in and gives you voice guidance on your next path. Detects vehicle shake and announces the degree of danger by voice. It detects smoke in non-smoking zones and gives a voice warning to the customer.

  • Function

    A variety of guidance systems for passengers made possible by a combination of audio and sensors.

  • Application

    • Providing audio direction to visually impaired passengers.
    • Detecting the rolling and pitching of vehicles and informing passengers of the degree of danger.
    • Detecting cigarette smoke in non-smoking areas and providing an audio warning.
  • Features

    • Lightweight and compact design.
    • Custom record a voice which can be used in eight different patterns in response to input from sensors.
  • Performance

    • Voice and sensor variation: 8 patterns
    • Max playing time: 16 sec.

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