Taisei Sensor (Air quality)

Always automatically keep train cabin very comfortable.

Automatically detect CO2 density and smell level, it will send signal to air inverter, air purifier and deodorization unit to activate. Thus, it will always efficiently keep train interior very comfortable without fail. As a option, density data, error notice and activated timing data can be transferred by communication function.

  • Features

    • We can offer total system by providing our air dumper, air purifier and ozone deodorization unit in addition to the sensor.
    • Parameters (density ,level) can be customized.
  • Performance

    • CO2 detection : Non dispersed infrared absorption.
    • CO2 detection range : 0 – 2,000 ppm
    • Smell detection : Tin oxide semiconductor gas sensor
    • Power voltage : DC 100V(DC 70V – DC 110V)
    • Electricity consumption : 3W
    • Maintenance free (self auto adjusted function) Sensor is designed for 15 years life. (Subject to circumstance to use)

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