Air Cleaner

Superior odor removal and antibactrerial performance. Silent, Compact design.

Our roll filter, air purifier, hot air heater, damper device, By using an integrated product that combines a deodorizing device, You can totally adjust the indoor environment.

  • Function

    Removes over 95% of dust, pollen and other contaminants in the air using an electric dust catcher.

  • Applications

    • Eliminate pollen, mold, and bacteria from enclosed environments including homes, commercial buildings, and trains.
    • Remove smoke and airborne grease from restaurant kitchens.
    • Remove oily smoke in machine shops and factories, or anywhere else large machinery and turbines are in use.
  • Features

    • Removes microscopic dust which cannot be removed by HEPA filters.
    • Silent and compact design.
    • Automatically resets after voltage fluctuation or momentary power failure.
    • Worry-free motor design runs cold and does not create a fire hazard.
    • Easy maintenance (Only remove, wash and dry an internal UNICELL).
    • Indicator lamp signals when it is time to clean the unit (Every 1 − 3 months).Indicator lamp signals when it is time to clean the unit (Every 1 − 3 months).
  • Performance

    Removes more than 95% of airborne contaminants, including pollen and fine dust of approximately 0.1 − 1 micron, as well as microscopic particles of 0.01 micron.

  • Types

    Available units include both embedded ceiling units and stationary stand-alone units. Units are also available which contain a built-in fluorescent lamp.

Recommended multi unctional system.

・Roll Filter
 (Improves the performance of the air conditioning system.)
・Air Cleaner
 (Removes dust and other contaminants.)
・Air Damper
 (Supports the effective operation of ther air conditioning system.)
・Ozone Deodorizing Device
 (Eliminates bacteria and odors.)
・Warm Air Heater
 (Adds additional heating capability to the air conditioning system.)

Particle size Particle diameter(um) Model Dust category
Large Over 100 Roll Filter Fluffy dust
Small 1~100 Roll Filter + Air Cleaner Dust, Pollen
Fine 0.01~1 Air Cleaner Moulds, Smoke, Oil Mist, Bacteria

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