Ozone Deodorizing Device

Powerful deodorization and sterilization using two different wavelengths of UV light.

Our roll filter, air purifier, hot air heater, damper device, By using an integrated product that combines a deodorizing device, You can totally adjust the indoor environment.

  • Function

    The device eliminates odors including animal and body odor, tobacco smoke, fishy smells, garbage odors in kitchens, toilet smells, and mustiness. Eliminates offensive odors using ozone and destroys bacteria at the same time.

  • Applications

    • In smoking cars and sleeper compartments on trains.
    • Inside hotels, hospitals, elder care facilities, etc.
    • Anywhere unpleasant odors are frequently encountered, such as kitchens, toilets, etc.
  • Features

    • Controls the amount of ozone generated using UV lamps and fan airflow.
    • By generating 2 different UV wavelengths of 253.7μm (with excellent sterilizing properties), and 184.9μm (with excellent odor eliminating properties), immediately eliminates unpleasant odors and destroys bacteria.
    • Lifetime of the UV lamp is 10 times longer than the lifetime of activated carbon found in other deodorizing devices.
  • Performance

    • Lifetime of UV lamp = approximately 10,000 hours.
    • Power supply: AC100 − 240V.
  • Types

    Available in both embedded and stationary, stand-alone units.

Recommended multi unctional system.

・Roll Filter
 (Improves the performance of the air conditioning system.)
・Air Cleaner
 (Removes dust and other contaminants.)
・Air Damper
 (Supports the effective operation of ther air conditioning system.)
・Ozone Deodorizing Device
 (Eliminates bacteria and odors.)
・Warm Air Heater
 (Adds additional heating capability to the air conditioning system.)

Particle size Particle diameter(um) Model Dust category
Large Over 100 Roll Filter Fluffy dust
Small 1~100 Roll Filter + Air Cleaner Dust, Pollen
Fine 0.01~1 Air Cleaner Moulds, Smoke, Oil Mist, Bacteria

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